This function allows users to keep samples in the sub-datasets (tissues from GTEx or cancer types from TCGA) they selected, and select two cell types of interest to perform the correlation analysis across bulk samples. Up to five sub-datasets are supported.

After clicking the "plot" button, the interactive scatter plot colored by sub-dataset will be available. The Pearson Correlation Coefficient will be dynamically calculated , allowing users to have a quantitative metric for the proportion correlation between the two cell types selected.


  • TCGA Tumor/TCGA Normal/GTEx/Used Expression Datasets: Select cancer types of interest in the "TCGA Tumor", "TCGA Normal" or "GTEx" field and click "add" to build dataset list in the "Used Expression Datasets" field. Also, manual input of cancer types split by comma (e.g. COAD Tumor,READ Tumor) is also acceptable. The cell type proportion analysis is based on the datasets list.
  • Select cell types for comparison: : Select two cell types of interest for the correlation analysis.

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Reset The plot is based on the datasets of list.